Fàilte! Welcome!

Hello and welcome to the Icon Scotland Group’s brand new blog!

The Scotland Group is the only national sub-group of Icon and represents conservators and conservation professionals at every career stage, working in a wide range of disciplines. This diversity is a key strength of the group, but also makes it difficult to engage all conservation sectors across Scotland. This blog aims to bridge those gaps and provide a platform for discussion, debate and information for all conservation fields represented in Scotland.

The blog is due to launch on 15th January 2015, and new posts will be uploaded every two weeks. Sign up now (using the ‘follow’ button on the right) to get these delivered directly to your inbox. In the mean time, we would love to hear from you! If you have a passion for conservation and would like to share it with us in a blog or have any suggestions of what you’d like to see in this blog, please contact Emily (hickemily@hotmail.com). Guidelines for posts can be found in the tab above.

We welcome submissions from conservators and conservation professionals at all stages of their career; volunteers and interns, students, newly qualified professionals as well as mid-level and those in the later stages of their career. We want to know what projects you are involved in, what events you have been to or are organising, your experiences, thoughts and feelings on all things heritage related. If you have a topic you are enthusiastic about, worked on an object that has inspired you or would like to share a new technique – get in touch!

Posts on all conservation disciplines are encouraged; however we are particularly keen to hear from those areas which are perhaps under represented, such as stone, stained glass and clocks. We want to raise the profile of all conservation areas and promote the range of projects, people and events up North!

So, come on Scotland! Let’s get blogging and start the ‘Conservation Conversations’…..

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