Best of the Blogs – February

This week are launching a new monthly feature; the Best of the Blogs! Every month we will scour the internet for interesting and quirky conservation articles posted in Scotland and abroad, then round them up in one article for your delectation and delight. The first, and rather macabre, edition in this series brings you articles on gravestones, mummified monks and more…

1. Lismore Gaelic Heritage Centre

This article documents the start of a new project on the Isle of Lismore to conserve the gravestones at Lismore Manse.

2. Falkland Palace and Gardens

This year, Falkland Palace and Gardens launched their “Year of Conservation” with many conservation projects taking place in the coming twelve months. First up is the conservation of their beautiful stained glass windows.

3. National Museums Scotland

A badly damaged 1920s sequinned flapper dress is focus of this fashionable article from the National Museums Scotland.

4. University of Glasgow Library

Ahoy there! Read this blog for a detailed account on the conservation of a large collection ship plans

5. AIM – Association of Independent Museums

Need advice on funding applications heritage related projects? Check out this article for upcoming workshops in Scotland.

6. Bowes Museum

Our neighbours in Northumberland share the process on conserving a panel painting in this multi part blog.

7. Meander Medical Centre in Amersfoort, the Netherlands

Technical examination of a Buddha statute has revealed the skeleton of a monk who died in the process of self-mummification within.


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