Best of the Blogs – March

This month’s blog round-up contains articles from all over the world, from Cambodia to Edinburgh and from London to San Francisco, covering subjects from the conservation of musical instruments and audio-visual media to outsize prints by Albrecht Durer and textiles by William Morris. These articles demonstrate what I love about conservation; it’s wonderful diversity and beautiful historic objects.

1. British Museum

How do you move a huge print (2.9 metres by 3.5 metres!) made from 36 sheets of paper? Find out in this article!

2. Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Conservation of another large piece in this article, this time a textile by William Morris

3. Centre for Research Collections, Edinburgh University

Gut strings and fire used in conservation!? Discover more in this article by a preventative conservation volunteer at Edinburgh University

4. GIZ Cambodia

Stone Conservation Training in Cambodia is the topic of this inspiring article

5. Museum of Modern Art – New York

Fantastic blog on the misunderstood world of media conservation.

6. Historic Scotland

And although this isn’t strictly conservation, I couldn’t resist adding this video of a fabulous event in Scotland last month – A time-lapse of the solar eclipse over Edinburgh Castle by Historic Scotland – enjoy!:

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