Call for Papers: Out of the Box – Practical Approaches to Archival Exhibition

Day 1- The Conservation Aspect  – 31st July 2015 – University of Edinburgh

Day 2- The Archive Aspect – 07th August 2015 – Museum on the Mound/National Records of Scotland

ARA Scotland are holding a conference on all aspects of the exhibition of archives. Archives have a life beyond the reading room – both physically as items in display cases and virtually as online resources. The ways in which Archivists can showcase their treasures to the world are limitless and this conference aims to provide a platform for discussion around the issues raised by Archival exhibitions.

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Review: ICON Adapt and Evolve Conference, 8 – 11 April 2015

Could you not make it to the recent ICON Paper and Book group conference? Find out what you missed in this week’s blog post…

In April 2015, in London, the Icon Paper and Book group hosted one of the most significant conferences in paper conservation of the last years. The title of the conference, ‘Adapt & Evolve – East Asian Materials and Techniques in Western Conservation’, gave easily away the general idea of the conference but the most enjoyable part, was the fidelity to this theme during the four days of lectures, visits and workshops, and the interactions and discussions brought to the table by the diversity of conservation specialists and manufacturers from Eastern and Western countries. The sessions where distributed within Reflections and Developments, Adhesives and Repairs, Paper and Materials, and Moving Forward. They were supported by different studio tours such as John Jones and UCL-Institute for Sustainable Heritage, and by workshops such as Japanese brush making by Kobayashi Hake Production Company and The use and care of Karibari boards by Namiko Tagawa.

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Best of the Blogs – April

Hidden cities, medieval texting and preventative conservation on a budget in this month’s best of the blogs!

1. AIM Museums

An inspiring article preventative conservation of a Tudor house thanks to a conservation grant from the Association of Independent Museums

2. Medieval Books

Ever wondered how we survived without mobile phones? Find out how they texted in medieval times!

3. University of Glasgow

The preparation for an exhibition of valuable incunabula is described in this blog

4. Heritage Calling

Click here for some fantastic visualisations of underground cities in Nottingham

5. London Korean Links

Did you miss out on the recent Icon ‘Adapt and Evolve’ conference? Read about a fascinating workshop on the making and dying of Korean paper held at the V&A organised as a part of this event