Call for Papers: Icon Scotland Group session at Icon Conference 2016

We can be (conservation) heroes!
Demonstrating flexibility, innovation and collaboration.
The Icon Scotland Group seeks abstracts of short papers for a half-day session at ICON’s UK conference. The session aims to showcase projects, initiatives and ways of working that demonstrate flexible, innovative and collaborative approaches to conservation across disciplines. Presentations from and about Scotland are encouraged and will be given priority at the selection stage; note you do not need to be a member of the Scotland Group to submit an abstract.

Presentations are invited which address the following themes, using examples of good practice in recent projects as well as reflections from personal experience:
  1. Conservation as a driver of economic development, health and well-being. This could include projects promoting sustainability and the “green” agenda, making effective use of limited resources, using volunteers or engaging with local communities
  2. Conservators’ role in collaboration and cross-disciplinary working. This could be work with the buildings or natural environment sector, an international project, a project with academic partners or any other innovative or novel partnership
  3. Conservators confidently adapting to current conditions and demonstrating flexibility: change management, commissioning conservation, outsourcing, the rise of freelancing, the need for new specialists, generalists and project managers
Successful presentations will be concise, punchy and engaging – lasting around 15 minutes with a further 5 minutes allocated for questions.
Abstracts should be 150 words and include title, names, addresses and email addresses of all authors and indicate author for correspondence. Abstracts should be emailed to by 31 October 2015.

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