Eventswatch – “Fire in the Archives”

If you missed out on the recent ‘Fire in the Archive’ training day hosted by the Scottish Council on Archives (SCA) in Edinburgh, you can read all about it in this excellent post, originally uploaded on the Archives and Records Association (ARA) New Professionals Blog ‘Off the Record’. You can also view the presentations from the day on the Scottish Council on Archives website.

The New Archivist

“Fire in the Archive” is not generally an expression that most Archivists want to hear in their day to day work but an exception was made on the 30th September 2015 as it was the title for the Scottish Council on Archives (SCA) annual meeting and training day.

SCAThe SCA are a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation, which supports the Scottish Archive sector by providing training and guidance on collections development, records management and outreach. The day was held at New Register House (part of the National Records of Scotland) in Edinburgh and as the title suggests, the day centered on sharing experiences by those who had experienced fire in their repository and knowledge sharing to help delegates guard against potential fires as best they can.

After a short welcome by the SCA Chair, Dr Irene O’ Brien, the day began with an introduction from Linda Ramsay, the SCA Preservation…

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2 thoughts on “Eventswatch – “Fire in the Archives”

  1. The presentations are really particularly useful and informative, and useful for all working in archives, libraries, museums and historic houses. The National Preservation Office Salvage guidelines are also very useful to have. Thank you to all for sharing and distributing so widely.


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