Conservation Internship at Centre for Research Collections, University of Edinburgh

In this week’s blog, we hear from Katharine Richardson, Conservation Intern at the Centre for Research Collections, University of Edinburgh…

I am currently mid-way into a 10-week internship with the Centre for Research Collections (CRC) at the Edinburgh University Library. Having spent the last four years working in historic houses, I was keen to gain experience in a different working environment. I’m thrilled to have been given this opportunity to work with the research collections at Edinburgh University. It has been very interesting to learn about the challenges of managing a working research collection and the conservation issues that come with it.

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The Scheuer Skeletal Collection: a unique resource for archaeology, osteology and forensic anthropology

Having seen Professor Sue Black on TV, I was looking forward to hearing her at the 18th Annual Harold Plenderleith lecture in Dundee and I wasn’t disappointed. Unfortunately, her colleague Dr Craig Cunningham couldn’t attend, so instead Professor Black enthralled us effortlessly for the whole 40 minutes with very familiar collection care themes applied to a very unusual collection. Continue reading