Best of the Blogs – December

1.Medieval Books

To conserve or not to conserve, that is the question. This interesting article explains why a conservator may choose not to carry out treatment and the benefits of damage.

2. Storage Techniques for Art, Science and History

This useful website provides guidelines on how to create storage solutions for all types of heritage objects. Guidelines are submitted by collection care professionals from all over the world, and you can upload your own innovative solutions too.

3. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Find out how antibody research has been used in the conservation of a polychrome sculpture in this fascinating article.

4. Conversations on the Conservation of Cultural Heritage

Browse through 20 posters produced by students of UCL’s Masters programme ‘Principles of Conservation’. These offer fresh perspectives on a range of subjects, such as ‘The Illicit Trade of Antiquities in Cambodia’, ‘Vandalism and Art’, and ‘Artist Intent and the Interview in Practise’.

5. Getty Conservation Institute

If you have a spare 10 minutes, make sure you watch this excellent video on the conservation of modern paints.

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