Call for papers – ARA Annual Conference 2016, Conservation Stream

Annual Conference: 31 Aug – 2 Sept 2016

London, UK

 Call for Papers: ‘Global Futures’

Conservation Stream

 Conservation has always been a profession of creativity and resourcefulness.  As the world moves forward, we face rapid growth in many areas – but the demands conservators face do not diminish in number as a result of this. This is an opportunity to assess the challenges and the potential that the future offers us, and to share our experiences of how we can face that future with the innovation and ingenuity that we have done in the past.

Themes to be covered in the conference include, but are not restricted to:


  • What are the current trends in conservations treatments and decisions, and how are these influenced by and adapted to the changing environment?
  • Where are changes in our training and funding leading us


  • As the conservation profession develops, are boundaries between areas of conservation increasing or decreasing?
  • Do you work with colleagues from other disciplines who have positively influenced the way you work for the better and you are willing to share these collaborative approaches? Views from those working in allied fields would be very welcome.


  • How are new methods and more numerous opportunities for communication helping advocacy and dissemination of knowledge inside and outside of the profession?
  • Does the increased availability of information influence the options we have for conservation treatment; the materials, equipment and techniques that we use?


  • What impact do emerging technologies have on the way we carry out our fundamental tasks?
  • Does the speed at which new technologies are evolving affect our decisions and approaches to the care and treatment of our collections?

Communities and Collections

  • The partnerships we are developing come in all shapes and sizes. How is this improving our understanding and use of our collections? How can we harness these relationships to improve the ongoing and future preservation of our holdings?
  • As we move forward materials within collections are becoming increasingly diverse. How are our options and decisions regarding the treatment of our collections shaped by increasingly varied materials?


  • What effect does the expectation of availability and immediacy have on our services?
  • Are the responsibilities of the conservator changing? How is our role affected by the evolving environment: shifting technologies, more varied materials, financial pressures, demands for advocacy?

You can participate in the following ways:

  •  individual papers (individual contributions of no more than 25 minutes)
  •  panel sessions (up to 3 speakers of no more than 60 minutes)
  •  tutorials – single topic presentations to smaller groups of individuals (20 minute sessions, generally for up to 15 participants)
  •  workshops (30 minute practical sessions)
  •  roundtables (up to 4 participants for no more than 60 minutes)
  •  poster presentations from postgraduate researchers and the skills trainee community

Further details:

The deadline for submission of proposals is Friday 29 January 2016.

Full details of the conference call for papers is found on this webpage.

You can submit your proposal, using the submission form found here: ARA_Conference_Submission_Jan2016.

Speakers will be reimbursed travel expenses and will receive free conference registration for the day on which they are speaking. International speakers will be reimbursed travel expenses within the UK only.

For further information or discussion please contact

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