Best of the Blogs – January

How do you save your valuables following a flood, and how do you conserve an artwork made from tortillas?! Find out in this month’s ‘Best of the Blogs’….

1. Special Collections Learning, University of Aberdeen

Following the recent floods across the UK, this post provides useful advice on how to salvage personal papers, books and photographs.

2. The Past on Glass

This revealing post examines the digitisation of photographs and the ethics of retouching.

3. National Museums Scotland

Ahead of ten new galleries opening up this Summer, the conservators at National Museums Scotland have been working hard to get more than 3,500 objects ready for display. Read all about the conservation of the travelling service of the Emperor Napoleon’s sister, Princess Pauline Borghese, in this excellent blog.

4. Veritable Hokum

This colourful infographic shows how historical pigments are formed.

5. Guggenheim

The peculiar challenges of conserving an artwork made from tortillas!


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