Meet the Committee – Linda Ramsay

Linda Ramsay, Head of Conservation from the National Records of Scotland, features in this month’s edition of ‘Meet the Committee’…

Linda Ramsay, Head of Conservation at the National Records of Scotland

Linda Ramsay

What is your main area of Conservation?

Books and Archives this includes maps, photographs, parchments and seals all the usual challenges

 What is your position within the Icon Scotland Group?


Observers are normally  conservators, conservation managers, heads of conservation departments, or conservation scientists responsible for conservation departments in public institutions in Scotland, for example, the National Library of Scotland ;National Galleries of Scotland, the National Museums of Scotland, the National Trust for Scotland.  The role of Observers is to provide a link between ISG and these bodies and to facilitate communication and exchange of information on conservation issues for the benefit of the profession.

 The value of Observers could be defined as experience and their perspective specific to their roles in the institutions they represent.  ISG and the national institutions, which have had long-term connections have a tradition of partnership working and mutual support

 Observers are invited to meetings to represent the institution by which they are employed.  Observers are not members of the committee and may not vote on matters of committee business.  ISG has had a tradition of inclusiveness where Observers are concerned but the Observer is not in the role of monitor Comment on committee business should normally be restricted to areas of direct relevance to the body which that Observer represents, unless otherwise invited.

 How did you first become interested in Conservation?

After I graduated I worked as a research assistant cataloguing collections with NTS and then Dundee University and realised I was interested in the objects themselves and  how they were made as well as the description.

 Describe your typical day at work…

Best day at work and not necessarily typical is dealing with collections and working with the rest of the team to improve  and resolve some of our challenges

 What has been your favourite conservation moment?

In the top 5 would be the project working to rehouse  and store thousands of glass plate negatives I never thought it would be finished  but with the help of a series of talented conservators working through the project a lot of good will and a sense of humour- we are in a relatively good position all housed and stored in a  climate controlled  photographic store. Very satisfying.

 Conservation is often misunderstood by those outside the profession. What would you like to tell the world about Conservation?

I once requested business cards and they came with designation Head of Conversation- I still have one on my office door…

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