Managing Moths at Newhailes House

Newhailes House brings three centuries of history to life. Originally built in the 17th century, this Palladian house was owned by the influential Dalrymple family and featured prominently during the Scottish Enlightenment. The National Trust for Scotland, through the Collections Conservation team, is embarking on a 4-month integrated pest management project to manage the moths at Newhailes House.

The project will involve treating a number of objects in the property for moths as well as a deep clean of affected rooms. We’re looking for a team of volunteers to help complete the project from mid-January through the end of March 2019.

Volunteers will work across three project teams on site as well as provide documentation support. The team activities will include:

  • Wrapping and packing – objects for moth freezer treatment to be wrapped and sealed and other objects to be packed for movement.
  • Object movement – wrapped/packed objects need to be moved to either an on-site freezer for treatment, storage within the house, or from the freezer after treatment.
  • Cleaning – objects will need a surface clean pre/post freezer treatment and/or prior to packing.

In addition to the three project teams, volunteers will also be given the opportunity to learn more about documentation, object location tracking, photography, and data entry.

For more information and to register interest in volunteering, please contact


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