Take 5 Webinar Summer Session

Wednesday 16th June 4-5 pm on Zoom

Free to Icon members Free to Non-members

Icon Scotland presents another one of their knowledge-sharing events, with 5 new 5 minute presentations about different conservation projects and case studies. 

Presentations will be followed by a Q&A session.


Sticky situation: Interdisciplinary decision making in the conservation of a child’s bedroom cupboard door, Gwen Thomas, Museums & Galleries Edinburgh

The Museum of Childhood acquired a bedroom cupboard door that over the course of the owner’s childhood was covered in hundreds of stickers. The talk focuses on the dialogue between the conservator and curator when making decisions about the object.

Resumption survey: A simple analytic tool for checking the condition of collections after lockdown, Simona Cenci ACR, National Library of Scotland

During lockdown, Simona designed a resumption survey to be carried out in the National Library of Scotland library stores prior to re-opening. The talk will illustrate the challenges encountered, and methodological outcomes.

Peeling Back the Layers: Treatment of a large Scottish sampler, Anna Robinson, University of Glasgow

The presentation will summarize how the treatment of a large Scottish sampler at the 

CTC was adapted as layers of framing and support materials were removed, and new aspects of the sampler revealed.

Creating a Conservation YouTube Channel: Curating conservation content for the general public, Lucilla Ronai, National Library of Australia

After one year managing a conservation YouTube channel, and sharing conservation content with conservators and the general public, Lucilla will share the main lessons learned and how it has made her see this profession differently.

Surviving insurance claim documentation with a smile, Ruth Honeybone ACR & Daryl Green, University of Edinburgh

Daryl and Ruth will guide you through some of the hoops and hurdles of writing a successful insurance claim to fund the conservation of damaged collections.

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