Best of the Blogs – February 2016

1.Orkney Jar

If you are interested in archaeology in Orkney, this is the website to visit. Following the discovery of a second Viking grave last month, this article describes a geophysical survey of the area to look for other burial sites.

2. BBC News

A digital reconstruction of Van Gogh’s ‘Bedroom in Arles’ created by the Art Institute of Chicago, shows how the painting would have looked before the pigments had faded.

3. Bowes Museum

Delicate conservation of an 18th century ‘fashion’ doll is described in this informative blog.

4. Artlyst

Anish Kapoor has acquired exclusive rights to the blackest of black pigments. Should this be allowed?

5. British Museum

A humble copper cauldron hides hidden delights under it’s corroded exterior in this revealing blog.


Best of the Blogs – January

How do you save your valuables following a flood, and how do you conserve an artwork made from tortillas?! Find out in this month’s ‘Best of the Blogs’….

1. Special Collections Learning, University of Aberdeen

Following the recent floods across the UK, this post provides useful advice on how to salvage personal papers, books and photographs.

2. The Past on Glass

This revealing post examines the digitisation of photographs and the ethics of retouching.

3. National Museums Scotland

Ahead of ten new galleries opening up this Summer, the conservators at National Museums Scotland have been working hard to get more than 3,500 objects ready for display. Read all about the conservation of the travelling service of the Emperor Napoleon’s sister, Princess Pauline Borghese, in this excellent blog.

4. Veritable Hokum

This colourful infographic shows how historical pigments are formed.

5. Guggenheim

The peculiar challenges of conserving an artwork made from tortillas!


Best of the Blogs – December

1.Medieval Books

To conserve or not to conserve, that is the question. This interesting article explains why a conservator may choose not to carry out treatment and the benefits of damage.

2. Storage Techniques for Art, Science and History

This useful website provides guidelines on how to create storage solutions for all types of heritage objects. Guidelines are submitted by collection care professionals from all over the world, and you can upload your own innovative solutions too.

3. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Find out how antibody research has been used in the conservation of a polychrome sculpture in this fascinating article.

4. Conversations on the Conservation of Cultural Heritage

Browse through 20 posters produced by students of UCL’s Masters programme ‘Principles of Conservation’. These offer fresh perspectives on a range of subjects, such as ‘The Illicit Trade of Antiquities in Cambodia’, ‘Vandalism and Art’, and ‘Artist Intent and the Interview in Practise’.

5. Getty Conservation Institute

If you have a spare 10 minutes, make sure you watch this excellent video on the conservation of modern paints.

Best of the Blogs – September

The redevelopment of Kelvin Hall and renovations at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum are featured in this month’s best of the blogs. Exciting new discoveries in Cramond and fantastic videos from National Museums Scotland and the American Institute of Conservation are also highlighted this month. 

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Best of the Blogs – August

1. Scottish Museums Federation

An excellent review of the new exhibition at NMS ‘Photography: A Victorian Sensation’

2. Bowes Museum

Read all about a collaborative project to rehouse a collections of 164 dolls at the Bowes Museum

3. Chester Beatty Library

A brand new blog from the Chester Beatty Library, follow this now to keep up to date with what’s happening at the library! This article talks about conserving a collection of Indian miniature paintings

4. Historic Royal Palaces

Watch textile conservators at Historic Royal Palaces wash a 17th Century tapestry in a specially built bath for large textiles in this revealing video.






Best of the Blogs – July

Saving work by Scottish Artists and articles on the history of food, drink and textiles in Scotland are featured in this month’s best of the blogs.

1. Paisley on the Web

Did you know that the ‘Paisley’ pattern did not originate in Paisley? It was originally used on shawls in Kashmir and cheap imitations were produced in this Scottish town, resulting in the term. Find out more on the fascinating history of this pattern and of Paisley on this website.

2. The Art Newspaper

Celebrated mosaics by Leith born artist, Eduardo Paolozzi, displayed at Tottenham Court Road tube have been saved from destruction and will be restored at Edinburgh University. Find out more here.

3. Museum and Heritage Advisor

Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s interior for Miss Cranston’s Ingram Street Tearooms in Glasgow will be conserved, restored and displayed as part of a joint project between Glasgow Museums and V&A Museum of Design Dundee. Find out how it was saved and when it will be seen again in this article.

4. National Library of Scotland

From 12 June to 8 November, the National Library of Scotland are running an exhibition entitled “Lifting the lid: 400 years of food and drink in Scotland”. See all the hard work that went into installing an exhibition in this fantastic time lapse video. Click on the link above for exhibition details.








Best of the Blogs – June

1. Stirling Archives

Celebrating 40 years open to the public, Stirling Archives has created a fantastic new blog with posts discussing 40 key items in their collection.

2. Art Net

The Buddhas of Bamiyan, two monumental 6th-century statues that were destroyed in 2001 by the Taliban, were brought back to life this month via light projections. Beautiful images of the statues and a video of the projection can be found in the article.

3. University of Aberdeen

Two interesting objects are the focus of this article by Marion Gouriveau, an intern at the University of Aberdeen. Read her account of conserving a miniature book and snail made from papier-mâiché.

4. National Museum of the American Indian

The conservation of a delightful looking incense burner is discussed in this article. Just looking at this is guaranteed to make you smile!

5. The Bowes Museum

Another burning issue is highlighted in this article by the Bowes Museum. It describes salvage training following a fire delivered by the Conservation Advisory Network at the Tyne & Wear Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters.






Best of the Blogs – April

Hidden cities, medieval texting and preventative conservation on a budget in this month’s best of the blogs!

1. AIM Museums

An inspiring article preventative conservation of a Tudor house thanks to a conservation grant from the Association of Independent Museums

2. Medieval Books

Ever wondered how we survived without mobile phones? Find out how they texted in medieval times!

3. University of Glasgow

The preparation for an exhibition of valuable incunabula is described in this blog

4. Heritage Calling

Click here for some fantastic visualisations of underground cities in Nottingham

5. London Korean Links

Did you miss out on the recent Icon ‘Adapt and Evolve’ conference? Read about a fascinating workshop on the making and dying of Korean paper held at the V&A organised as a part of this event